Programs at Happy Hooves

Happy Hooves offers a variety of ways for the community to get involved at the sanctuary. All money raised from these programs goes directly to the care and well-being of our animals. Whether you want a farm visit, riding lessons, or to join us to have fun at the farm, we’d love to have you!

Fun at the Farm (Weekly Saturday Camp)

  • $150 per person/session | For kids ages 4-9
  • Every Saturday from 10:30am-3:30pm
Discover the joy of weekends with Happy Hooves! Join our Saturday camps designed for children eager to explore the world of horsemanship, caring for adorable miniature ponies, engaging in farm activities, delightful pony rides, and even learning our signature song – all while enjoying complimentary snacks! We welcome kids of all experience levels to join us in our heated indoor barn and cozy studio classroom, creating the ideal winter weekend escape. Hurry, as space is limited – secure your spot by registering early!

Private Riding Lesson

$65 an hour | for first-time to intermediate rider only

Join us at the sanctuary for a riding lesson! We cater to beginners with our gentle horses and would love to have your kiddo ride with us! Check out this video to see our lessons in action. Contact us for more info!

Composting Program

Did you know that the average horse produces 50lbs of manure per day? In order to best care for the environment, we have decided to compost all these droppings, so that they can be used as natural, organic fertilizer for local gardens, farms, school grounds, and landscaping. We do our best to mitigate runoff on-property, as the high levels of nitrogen found in animal manure is extremely damaging to aquatic and marine ecosystems. We highly encourage everyone using our compost product to be equally as mindful of where and how they use it for the same reason, also.