COVID-19 Policy

Masks are optional for those who have been fully vaccinated. Happy Hooves will not be responsible for anyone's contraction of the COVID-19 virus, nor any later repercussions from it.

Miniature Comfort Horses for Barn Lease

We have the popular miniature comfort horses horsemanship program for lease. Regular time spent with a miniature horse allows your child to develop a special relationship with an animal and can help them acquire skills and gain confidence. 

This is how it works:   

  • You lease one of our miniature horses for $195 a month (month-to-month commitment), which allows you and your child to gain access to a miniature horse for two hours a day (3 days per week). You and your child can make your own schedule, ensuring that it aligns with the miniature horses’ schedules. 
  • We teach you and your child basic horsemanship skills for $45 an hour. The first two hours is included with the lease. It includes a tour of the facility, safety, do’s and don’ts, guidelines, and some other basics.
  • Activities might include petting, grooming, and leading the miniature horses around the property. 
  • The miniature horses are not for riding; the leases are for comfort only.  
  • The lease includes medical expenses, feeding, and stall cleaning. 
  • You must supervise your child at all times. This is an equine facility with other animals and humans working and playing! 
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Pony Rides

Pony ride: $50 an hour | 3-7 Years old (lead line only)
Private riding lesson: $55 an hour (for first-time to intermediate rider only)

Do you have a young child who likes animals? A pony ride includes a horsemanship lesson in grooming and effectively communicating with a horse, and parents can easily join. Miniature horses are great for young kids because they are closer to the ground, and less intimidating than a full-size horse!

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Planning Your Event Here

About this venue | Visit by prior appointment only

  • Our venue offers options for both intimate gatherings and large-scale events
  • Host a party up to 10 guests in our barn for $450 and $25 for each additional guest

Therapy Program

The Sanctuary is in the process of becoming certified in equine assisted therapy programs for those in need. This will include visits to local hospitals, as well as on-site therapy with the horses at the Sanctuary.                 

We will continue to update this information as we progress.

Composting Program

Did you know that the average horse produces 50lbs of manure per day? In order to best care for the environment, we have decided to compost all these droppings, so that they can be used as natural, organic fertilizer for local gardens, farms, school grounds, and landscaping. We do our best to mitigate runoff on-property, as the high levels of nitrogen found in animal manure is extremely damaging to aquatic and marine ecosystems. We highly encourage everyone using our compost product to be equally as mindful of where and how they use it for the same reason, also.